FORTUNA: Out-Takes


This cut-in was originally planted as an early hint that Fortuna might have a dark side.





Date:       AUG 09 2008 

To:          District Director, Kentucky Key District Office 

               Covington , Kentucky

From:       Director, Special Operations,  

               Headquarters Office 

Subject:    Re-Allocation of Resources 

The unfortunate demise of agent Michael Griffin has created an opportunity in the Santa Clara, California office which should be acted upon immediately. I initially agreed to the Fortuna investigation led by agent Griffin because of his long and distinguished record, but without his leadership, I find no reason to pursue it further. A six month effort by one of our most experienced agents with no results has confirmed my initial opinion that Fortuna is a dry hole. Furthermore, dead or alive, his position that the investigation should be pursued online, with agents assuming fantasy roles, is simply untenable. Can you imagine the fun certain members of Congress would have with this?

In the light of the new administrations emphasis on the re-valuation of intellectual property as set forth in Notice 08-3, I am therefore ordering the reassignment of all remaining members of the Fortuna team in Santa Clara to the newly-created IP team, under the supervision of agent Marian Swanson. The existing case files should be destroyed pursuant to standard procedures.

                                    C. Ashton Deloitte 

                                    Director, Special Operations