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Title: Fortuna 

Author: Michael  Stevens 

Category: Thriller 

Publisher: Oceanview Publishing 

Publication Date: May 3, 2010 



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This intelligent thriller exposes the hidden world of online role-playing games where Jason Lind, a brilliant but bored computer science major, becomes addicted to the power plays and kinky sex of Fortuna, a simulation set in 15th century Florence and based on the ideas of Machiavelli.
In spite of his friends’ entreaties, Jason pursues an aristocrat within the game and becomes obsessed with discovering her true identity at any cost. When the debts he incurs in Fortuna spill over into real life, he’s forced to take a job at the company behind the game – where the strategies that were harmless online have deadly consequences



·   There are over 15 million subscribers to online role-playing games. 

·   Roughly50% of these players work full-time, 36% are married, and 22% have children. 

·   The currency of online games has real-world value, and some players have become 

·   Half of all online role playing gamers consider themselves to be addicted to their game



Michael Stevens began his writing career in high school as a music columnist for the Vallejo Times Herald, his hometown newspaper. After graduating from UC Berkeley as an English major, he served in the U.S. Army’s Berlin Brigade and then began a career in high-tech marketing. At present, he is a contributing editor for several high-profile web sites in the technology arena. In addition to writing, Michael Stevens is a serious amateur musician who has produced four CDs. He lives in Berkeley, California. Fortuna is his first novel. 


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